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Competition law, the competition on the merits

As far as Fréget – Tasso de Panafieu is concerned, competition law should put a stop to economic rent, even if that means shaking up the rules by which the freedom to conduct a business are shackled. The Firm acts alongside established stakeholders or new entrants, for compliance with law and its implementing procedures.

A Firm specialising in competition law and regulation

The Firm serves all economic stakeholders and focuses exclusively on competition law and regulation. It is independent and works in an integrated fashion alongside a network of partners and it guarantees its clients the substantial involvement of the partners in defining and implementing their legal strategy by representing them at national and EU level before courts, competition authorities and sector regulators.



The firm FTDP is ranked UNCONTOURNABLE  at the Top 2016-2017 of the best law firms in France of the guide-directory of the decision makers in the category COMPETITION AND DISTRIBUTION IN HEALTH, PHARMA AND MEDICAL DEVICES.

Chambers & Partners – Pharmaceutical sector (2013)

"The senior rank of Olivier Fréget, in charge of the Competition and European Law department of Allen & Overy Paris, is confirmed by the following quotes about him: ‘‘He is a leading expert in the field of competition with a largely commercial approach’’. "

Chambers & Partners – telecommunications sector (2013)

"Olivier Fréget is particularly held in high esteem for the quality of his expertise in the telecommunications sector. In the words of one market observer: "He is a bright, very precise and particularly sharp individual."

Legal 500 – Competition (2013)

"Charlotte Tasso de Panafieu is very quick on the uptake and pragmatic."

Chambers & Partners – Competition/European Law (2013)

"Key individuals. Jointly responsible for the Global Competition Law department of Allen & Overy, Olivier Fréget has demonstrated his talent once again. Some consider him to be "extremely bright and among the very best in France".


Advice, representation and risk prevention

A customised legal strategy

The Firm analyses the situation of each client by adopting a multidisciplinary approach, in liaison with its network of partners (lawyers, economists, experts). By factoring in the entire legal and competition-based environment, the Firm includes the litigation as part of all legal approaches. Subsequent to a cost-benefit analysis of the litigation, the partners may be required to establish a series of offensive operational solutions to obtain the desired results at the earliest possible time.

General representation before national and EU authorities

The Firm represents the interests of each client at national or EU level, before courts, competition authorities or sector regulators. When implementing the pre-defined strategy, it combines or alternates the use of lobbying and the litigation. Therefore, the Firm assists companies in setting out their arguments with institutions, in liaison with their advisers (public affairs, communication, economy) so that they may be integrated into the legal strategy.

Maximised risk prevention

With a view to preventing risks, Fréget – Tasso de Panafieu helps its clients to implement a general compliance policy, respecting the rights of employees. Whether we are talking about a comprehensive audit, a programme of compliance or monitoring tools, the Firm deploys appropriate resources and, whenever appropriate, puts to use the services of its privileged network of partners (sociologists, auditors, experts, economists).


A shared professional vision

Competition law and complementary expertise

The firm helps its clients with all matter related to competition at national and EU levels, using the expertise required to assess each situation from a general perspective and to establish customized strategies. If the company has a ready-made team of advisers, the Firm adapts its procedure accordingly and can even step in to coordinate on their behalf. Otherwise, the partners propose their own network of partners.

Independence and integrity

With the interest of its clients central to its approach, the Firm adapts to client needs and guarantees a frank and open relationship, without any complacency regarding the risks incurred. As a core value of their practice, independence is a founding value of the association between Olivier Fréget and Charlotte Tasso de Panafieu.

Technical control both from a legal and sectoral perspective

Renowned for the quality of their expertise in the relevant sectors, the partners of the Firm are often solicited by regulating authorities. These technical skills in the field of competition law and regulation are the hallmark of the partners and complement their strong economic capacity and comprehensive knowledge of the various sectors in which they operate.

Thinking out of the box

Innovation is yet another core value of the Firm, which adopts an innovative approach during the processes to establish legal strategies and distribute information. With an emphasis on sharing and exchanging ideas, the partners do not lay claim to any form of intellectual property vis-à-vis their clients and make available for the consultation of clients any working documents by which they are concerned as part of a shared file, which ensures strict data confidentiality.


Three areas of expertise :

Anti-competitive behaviour

Fréget – Tasso de Panafieu puts together your file and represents you, as defendant or plaintiff, in the event of any cartel or abuse of a dominant position, before the Competition Authority and the European Commission, as well as any French or EU courts.

Mergers & State aid

The Firm acts in all issues of ex ante control.

  • With respect to mergers, the Firm may issue notifications at national or European level. The partners are also particularly active in the assessment of the compatibility of new structures born out of mergers, by reviewing or establishing undertakings (structural or behavioural) or spin-offs, or even by means of action before EU and national courts.
  • In terms of State aid, the Firm essentially acts in internal and EU litigation, especially to question the legality of the State aid mechanisms which distort competition, to lodge a complaint before the commission or to act when an investigation has been opened.


Involved principally in regulated sectors (energy, life sciences, telecom, media, transport) the Firm acts both in common law litigation, competition litigation and litigation arising from sector regulation, by systematically analysing the opportunity of cross-claims.

The partners are also active before civil, commercial and national administrative courts and before the courts of the EU. In recent years, they have particularly instituted interlocutory proceedings before the French Supreme Administrative Court (in conjunction with specialized lawyers) and followed up a number of high-profile disputes before the EU Commission and the Court of Justice of the EU.


Five privileged sectors

Some sectors of activity are largely supervised and/or highly technical. Besides the competition courts and authorities, the way in which they work requires the intervention of specific regulatory authorities. The balance of power on these markets often falls within the same kinds of problems (technical and pricing supervision, conditions of access to the market). Their evaluation requires an in-depth knowledge of the sector, its stakeholders and authorities


Emblematic sector of upheaval brought about by technological progress and the rise in competition, telecommunications provide a platform for large-scale investment, constant reviews of business models and attempts at collaboration between suppliers, which continue to attract the attention of the authorities. Having been involved in its evolution since 1999, the partners of the Firm boast a unique expertise of this sector. Besides liberalisation, unbundling, the development of ADSL or matters related to directory information bases, the partners have been involved in disputes related to digital ecosystems and defended the Net neutrality.

Life sciences

The Firm advises and represents several operators from the life sciences sector with respect to their competition matters (distribution to private practices and hospitals, pricing, relations between stakeholders, relationships between brand-name and generic drugs), as well as professional associations. In relation to all regulatory aspects, the partners work in an integrated way with specialists in life sciences.

Medias (TV and radio)

The Firm assists a number of major operators of the media sector as regards matters of content, agreements with right holders, distribution, technical integration of platforms and solutions, or even relations between competitors. This expertise often requires strong endorsement of sector regulations of electronic communications.


The Firm assists sector authorities in their relations with users of the railway network, especially concerning technical and price-related conditions of access to the network, the content of the network reference document or litigation on decisions before the Appeal Court of Paris.


The Firm plays an active role in liberalising the energy sector alongside new entrants with respect to all their problems in relation to long-standing operators: transport, distribution, relations with end users. The Firm’s characteristic is to combine regulatory and competitive approaches to ensure compliance of national law with principles of the EU law.





Meticulous though pragmatic above all else, multi-lingual and blessed with a strong penchant for teamwork, Charlotte Tasso de Panafieu has worked extensively in Paris, London, Brussels, Milan and Geneva.

Registered at the Bar of Paris in 1998, she specialises in French and EU competition law and regulation and has developed a solid expertise in the fields of the media, telecommunications, energy and the life sciences sector.

The services of Charlotte Tasso de Panafieu are much sought-after with regard to complex and strategic files by the French and European competition authorities and regulation.

Before establishing Fréget – Tasso de Panafieu, she was a founding partner of the Firm LexCase and was responsible for the competition department.

She started out on her professional journey at Stibbe (now Latham & Watkins) and Bird & Bird; she then became a legal counsel at the American Chemical group Dupont de Nemours.

Charlotte Tasso de Panafieu graduated from the Université Paris IX Dauphine, and has a Diploma of Advanced Studies (DEA) in commercial law from the Université Paris X Nanterre and a LLM in European Law from King’s College in London.



Passionate and tenacious, and a talented expert who never neglects his creative side, Olivier Fréget is generous with his time and spares no effort on behalf of his clients.

A legal adviser before joining the Bar of Paris in 1994, he supports and represents his clients before French and European courts on all matters related to competition law and regulation.

Renowned for the quality of his expertise and technical knowledge in terms of new technologies (especially IT), there is a particular demand for his services in the telecommunications, energy, media and life sciences sectors.

Before founding Fréget – Tasso de Panafieu, Olivier Fréget was a partner at Allen & Overy LLP in Paris, in charge of the Competition and European Law department in Paris and jointly responsible for the group's global Competition Law department between 2010 and 2013. In this capacity, he has acquired significant international experience in terms of competition laws and policies in Europe and beyond. He was previously a partner in charge of the Competition Law and European Law department at the Firm Bird & Bird in Paris.

Holder of a Postgraduate Degree in Private International Law and international commercial law issued by the Université Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne, he has also studied economics and international politics. As a staunch and active European, he is a member of a number of think-tanks relating to competition policy and the EU.

At present, he teaches competition law at the Institut d'Études Politiques in Paris.


Liliana Eskenazi

liliana eskenazi mnAn accomplished EU and Antitrust lawyer, Liliana advises with equal ease on cartel or abuse of dominance cases, as well as on distribution agreements or compliance under EU and French competition law. Her extensive experience covers both advisory work and litigation before the EU and French courts and antitrust agencies. Multi-jurisdictional merger control is also part of her core skills in the context of corporate transactions.

Prior to joining Fréget - Tasso de Panafieu, Liliana has worked for eleven years in the Brussels and Paris offices of Allen & Overy LLP. She has gained significant experience in regulated sectors (pharma, energy, telecom), as well as on complex issues at the intersection of IP and antitrust law.

Liliana earned a PhD degree in law from the University of Paris – Panthéon-Sorbonne. Her doctoral thesis, Europe – a competition area, was awarded the summa cum laude distinction and is published. Currently Liliana teaches competition law at Ecole Centrale-Supelec


Ossman Badir


Ossman Badir focuses on competition law. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in social sciences and a Master’s degree in Economic law from Sciences-Po Paris, and a Master’s degree in European Economic Law from the University Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne. Prior to joining the firm, he was a trainee in several English and French law firms on competition law matters, and in the competition law department of a major oil company.

Guillaume Dufey


Guillaume Dufey focuses on French and EU competition law. He holds a Master’s degree in European law from University Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne, and completed an LLM from Queen Mary University of London. Prior to joining the firm, he was a trainee at the French Administrative Supreme Court and at the General Court of the EU and worked in law firms on competition and distribution law matters.

Antoine Labaeye


In addition to competition and regulation cases before French and European Jurisdictions, Antoine Labaeye is involved in state aids and special rights matters at European level.
Holder of a Master degree in Business law issued by the University of Rennes and a Postgraduate Diploma (DJCE Degree), he also graduated from the Queen Mary University of London (LL.M in Competition Law) and he is an alumni of the Hague Academy of International Law.


Katia Victorine

Office Manager (Life saver)


Organised, meticulous and multi-lingual, Katia Victorine manages all the files of Fréget – Tasso de Panafieu, whether they are produced in French or a foreign language. She leads the way in dealing with any issues relating to the financial monitoring of files and she is also the privileged point of contact for clients in terms of scheduling meetings and any other request for information.

After supporting company executives or lawyers for almost twenty years, Katia Victorine has acquired considerable experience in terms of routine administrative management, complex diary management and client relations.

Before she joined Fréget – Tasso de Panafieu, she notably worked at the Governing Board of Euro-Pacific Links and Tioga Venture, not to mention her stint at Allen & Overy LLP Paris.

Katia Victorine read English at the Université Paris XIII, and has an advanced vocational training certificate (BTS) for executive assistants and a degree in economic and social administration from the Université de Jussieu.

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